Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Logos That Look Alike

Ametek and Axis Bank
5338751961498703442Applied Materials and Planned Parenthood
5338751961185526402Bank of Amercia and Amtrak
5338751691441656002Belfast and Food Drink Devon
5338751692032540002BigFix and Priority Parking
5338751687336460050Blackburn Market and Love Barrow
5338751686506661138British Paints and Pagan Osborne
5338751683127805074Carrier and Ford
5338751519369241842Cooperative Program and Colgate-Palmolive
5338751514645457634PseudoRoom and CPL
5338751515598004338DoshDosh and David Airey
5338751508598218546FDA and SEGA and CNN
5338751510443356898Freesat and Glasses Direct
5338751324523301634Gucci and Chanel
5338751325570847330Harbork and Fitucci
5338751324625662082Infiniti and Videocon
5338751319938270114Kamloops Broncos and Boise State
5338751322471998850Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers
5338751115686410002Laszlo and Etelos
5338751113260466610Macromedia and Mos Burger
5338751114179818706Mini and Bentley and Chrysler
5338751112016463522Motorcycle Riders Foundation and Southern Cruisers Riding Club
5338751110260757474Munix and Union Bank
5338750945189705938NBC and Nebraska ETV Network
5338750942859382210National Film Board and Virtual Global Taskforce
5338750940138365650One Spa and Manulife One
5338750941015785922Quark and Alcone and Scottish Arts Council and Artworkers
5338750933251891634Saturn and Bluestone
5338750739898175586Searchmash and Smashlab
5338750737116523762Simplebit and Logomaid
5338750736129882274Sinarmas and Airbus
5338750732598059506STADT and BRUHL
5338750733530428226Star and Maltastar
5338750558232453378Style Gala and Sumpter & Gonzalez LLP
5338750554160160610Suns Microsystems and Columbia Sportswear Company
5338750552393753170Swiat Zdrowia and Unilever
5338750549706887090Ubuntu and Human Rights
Wayback Machine and Google Blogscoped
5338749273012367986Yatra and Pepsi