Monday, August 1, 2011

Frog Juice

It's also heals stuff like asthma, bronchitis, sluggishness, but who cares about those. As long as it gives you a good boner. The main aphrodisiac effect probably comes from one of it's ingredients called Maca, which is a South-American plant known for it's erotic powers.

5158255696367194994You go to the market stall and you pick your frogs from a tank. The vendor takes them out and bangs them against the table to kill them. Then she peels the skin off them and she fills the blender with hot white bean broth, some honey, raw aloe vera and a generous portion of maca. Then she adds your plucked frogs and she turns the blender on. And voila, a delicious warm glass of frog juice.
Then you hand the Frog over to the lady whois gonna help you prepare the frog, she will process it for you while you sit and wait.

The lady then will hand over to you a cleaned skinned frog, then you will have a choice of whether you wanna place the frog into the blender yourself ....

OR have the lady to do it for you, both way the charges will still be the same tho.
After the frog had been shreadded into a millions pieces, the liquid will be pour onto a cup and serve to you.

Actually, in the remote part of the world, Frog juice is considered as one of the healthy drink. The below video is taken in Cusco, Peru where frog juice consider a natural aphrodisiac. That explains why viagra are not selling so well in Peru LOL! Watch the Video below, by the way ... try tilting your head to the left to be able to understand what the hell the lady is doing in the video ok?